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Mathematics for CDS Entrance Examination by Dr. R S Aggarwal The book has been revised keeping in mind the latest trends and pattern of question in. Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6 for Maths Book solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on as per NCERT (CBSE) Book. Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths Book solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on as per NCERT (CBSE) Book.

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Rs Aggarwal Math Book

Search results. of results for Books: "R.S. Aggarwal" Mathematics for Class 8 by R S Aggarwal ( Session). by R.S. Aggarwal. Search results. of results for Books: "R S Aggarwal" . Mathematics for Class 8 by R S Aggarwal ( Session). by R.S. Aggarwal. RS Aggarwal quantitative aptitude PDF Download Important Math Formula Tricks Book (R.S Aggarwal) folatpanelche.mla द्वारा जारी.

Explore Plus. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Did you find what you were looking for? Yes No. This book covers even unknown territory. Except chapters like solar world, landforms etc most of the information in 'geography' portion is outdated informat Abhishek Saha Certified downloader Jan, Old edition reprinted. Current exam questions are not included. Some answers are wrong, need to be revised. Wasim Reza Certified downloader 5 months ago. A Modern Approach to Verbal Flipkart Customer Certified downloader 4 months ago. Vastunishth Ankganit R.

Any question which gives a straight line when we plot it on a graph is known as a linear equation. Exercises of this chapter will give you are in-depth knowledge of linear equations in one variable.

The chapter covers the concept of ratio, proportion and unitary method. This chapter builds quantitative skills. Basically, Ratio represents the relationship between the two numbers which indicates how many times the first number contains the second. Proportion is also related to the concept of ratio. In this chapter, you will also learn the concept of the unitary method. This method is used to find the required value with the help of-of the value of any single unit. The chapter the comprehensive guide to the topics like a line segment, Ray and the line.

After going to the exercises you can easily differentiate between the line segment, Ray and line. These topics are covered step by step to give you strategic knowledge to deal with the problems of line and Ray. Remember, the main difference between the Ray and line is that a Line goes infinite in both the direction but stops on one end. Those two lines which always remains at the same distance from each other but never touch are known as parallel lines.

The great example of parallel line in a railway track. The concept of parallel lines is explained inside the exercises in detail with more effective examples.

In this chapter, you will learn how to measure the angles and the various concepts related to the angles. This chapter makes the use of geometric tools like protector, scale and divider etc. Various types of angles are also described in this chapter.

1. R.S Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF ( Pages)

The exercises in this chapter are based on Acute, obtuse, straight and right angles. Apart from the types of angles chapter covers more. Construction is the process of drawing shapes, angles or lines accurately with the help of three tools called compass, ruler and a pencil. So in this chapter, you will learn how to construct different angles with the help of some basic geometric tools. After doing the exercises your all doubts regarding the Constructions in mathematics will be cleared.

Polygon is a two-dimensional shape formed with the help of straight lines. The most common examples of the polygon are Triangles, quadrilateral, Pentagon and hexagon etc.

So in this chapter, you will understand the concept of polygons in detail. Angles of the polygons and the sides endowed with more importance inside the chapter. Triangle is one of the basic shapes in geometry. If we understand the triangle in simple terms, a triangle is a polygon having three edges and three vertices. You will study different types of triangles in this chapter. Acute triangles, obtuse triangles and right angle triangles are the three main types of triangles that you are going to study.

Foreign knowledge, Triangles have an important role in the construction of bridges and the architecture field. A quadrilateral is a polygon which has four edges and four vertices. In mathematics, there are different types of quadrilaterals. Rectangle, square, rhombus and parallelogram etc are some of the examples of quadrilaterals. In this chapter, the exercises are going to be the comprehensive guide to the quadrilaterals and ultimately help you to understand the concept of various quadrilaterals.

The circle is a collection of all the points which are equidistant from a single point and this single point is known as the centre of the circle. So basically, this chapter covers the concepts of radius and diameter etc of the circle. By going through the exercises you will get the practical knowledge of the circle.

According to the geometry, three-dimensional shape is defined as of solid figure which has three dimensions - length, width and height. Cube, cuboid and cone etc are the examples of three-dimensional shapes. This chapter is a detailed discussion about the three-dimensional shapes and the exercises also cover the same. After the flipping of two or more parts of an object, and if these parts are found identical then the symmetry is achieved.

This chapter is all about the symmetry, so show the exercises includes tough problems related to the symmetry of the object.

You are going to understand the lines of symmetry inside the various figures. The total distance around the edge of any figure is termed as the perimeter. The number of units of the square that can be contained inside a plane figure is known as the area.

So in this chapter, the concept of perimeter and the area of the shapes have been described in detail. You will understand how is square is also a type of rectangle. Data handling is the process of observing the data and making it in in such a way that anyone can analyse it to get desired results. Data handling is one of the most serious and complex actions in the field of mathematics.

Rs Aggarwal Books

In this chapter, you will learn about the management of data and arranging it in such a way to get the desired result in the form of generalities or recurring patterns. When the collected data is represented by the symbols and pictures, it is termed as a pictograph.

The advantage of using pictograph is that at a large amount of data can be represented in well-simplified form and it gives all the necessary information clearly and quickly. So this chapter is all about pictograph, exercises are well curated to make you understand the concept of pictograph. The bar graph is a method of representing data on the graph by making the use of bars of different heights. It depends on the variables of the data represented that which type of alignment will be used in bars.

Basically, there are two types of alignments, horizontal and vertical. The use of bar graph makes it easy to compare data which is not possible in a regular graph.

Exercise in this chapter will help you in learning the concept of bar graphs. At Vedantu, we aim to make learning a joyful experience for our students. Today, we are pioneers in online tuition classes where students can register themselves for studying subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at affordable fees.

Exercise in this chapter covers the step-by-step process of understanding the typical exponents. It has a widely used in mathematics, allowing you to represent a number or variable that is multiplied by itself for a specific number of times. Chapter-6 Algebraic Expressions An expression which is built up with the help of integer constants, variables, and the algebraic operations is termed as an algebraic expression.

A variable can take any value. By doing exercises, you will learn how to who manage algebraic expressions in mathematics. There are many complex exercises which will help you to understand how to integrate different integer constants, variables and the algebraic operations inside an algebraic expression.

In this chapter, you will learn about the standard form of the equation and understand various concepts related to the slope of the equation and much more. Go through the exercises to get the complete comprehensive overview of the linear equation in one variable.

Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion When the first number indicates how many times it contains the second number, this relationship is known as a ratio. The two ratios are equal, the name which is given to these ratios is known as proportion. So in this chapter, you will combine learning about the ratio and proportions.

Remember, a proportion always says that the two ratios are equal. And Based on this you will get so many problems inside the exercises. Chapter-9 Unitary Method In simple terms, it is a technique which is used to solve a problem by first finding the value of any single unit, and then finding the required value by multiplying the single unit value.

Here in this chapter, you will cover the daily day to day life-related problems. The unitary method is used in daily life when we visit the market to download anything and you have to calculate the total cost. Go through the exercises step by step to learn the unitary method of solving daily life problems.

So, here 20 people out of a hundred like a cartoon. This chapter is a step-by-step process of learning percentage comprehensively. The percentage is also used in daily life.

Many surveys describe details to the public with the help of the percentage. Chapter Profit and Loss In this chapter, you will learn about the profit and loss concept. You will learn how profit and loss depend upon the selling price and the cost price of any material.

RS Aggarwal Maths Solutions

Exercises are curated in such a manner so that you can step by step learn the concept of profit and loss. Profit and loss also come under the category of percentage and percentage profit loss is also a type of problem given inside the exercises.

Chapter Simple Interest It is the quick and easiest method to calculate the charges on a loan. This chapter is all about simple interest. You will learn the various problems occur during calculating the charges on a loan with simple interest. To go through the exercises, these exercises are you rated to give you an inductor view of simple interest and the various problems related to it.

Chapter Lines and Angles A line is defined as a line of various points which extends infinitely in two directions. The line has one direction which is called length. When we draw two lines in different directions from a common point then the angle is formed between them.

So this chapter is a comprehensive overview of lines and angles and exercises are designed in such a way to give you the understanding of lines and angles. Chapter Properties of Parallel Lines When the two lines are always at the same distance apart and never meet, lines are termed as parallel lines.

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September 1. October 2. November 2. December 1. August 1. November 1. March 1. November 3. January 1. April 2. Author Details. After completing his M. College, Meerut, as a lecturer.

In , he was awarded a fellowship for 3 years and joined the University of Delhi for his Ph. Thereafter, he was promoted as a reader in N. College, Meerut. In , he joined M. College, Ghaziabad, as a reader and took voluntary retirement in He has authored more than 75 titles ranging from Nursery to M. He has also written books for competitive examinations right from the clerical grade to the I. List of Books written by Dr. R S Aggarwal S. These additional questions and their solutions, at the end of each chapter, from as recent as CDS exam List Price Offer Price: The book has been revised keeping in mind the latest trends and pattern of question in various competitive examinations.

It also comprises several short-cut methods, at appropriate places, to solve questions quickly—a crucial factor in succeeding in these exams. This revised edition, by way of revision, brings to the readers a set of additional questions memory based and their Much success depends on the candidate's performance in this section.

This book covers the verbal reasoning part, which involves understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words and numbers Scroll down to load more results. About S. Useful Links S. Login Here. Update Profile. Change Password. Track Your Order. Forgot Password. School Books. Accountancy 2.

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